Working again

Hi everyone, as you know already i lost my website due to server failure, which happened during server upgrade. i couldn’t restore it quickly, but now i am working on it. Website and radio are online again..
enjoy the radio :)

Jo na Mil Sake Wohi Bewafa

Jo na mil sakay wohi bewafa, yeh barri ajeeb si baat hai
Jo chala giya mujhe chor kar, wohi aaj tak mere saath hai

Jo kisi nazar se ataa hui, wohi roshni hai khayaal mein
Woh na aa sakey rahon muntazir, yeh khalish kahan thi wisaal mein
Meri justaju ko khabar nahin, na woh din rahe na woh raat hai
Jo chala giya mujhe chor kar, wohi aaj tak mere saath hai

Kare pyar, lab pe gila na ho, yeh kisi kisi ka naseeb hai
Yeh karam hai uska jafaa nahin, woh juda bhi reh ke kareeb hai
Wohi aankh hai mere ru-ba-ru, ussi haath mein mera haath hai
Jo chala giya mujhe chor kar wohi aaj tak mere saath hai

Mera naam tak jo na le saka, jo mujhe qaraar na de saka
Jissey ikhtiyaar to tha magar, mujhe apna pyar na de saka
Wohi shaks mairi talaash hai, wohi dard mairi hayyaat hai
Jo chala giya mujhe chor kar, wohi aaj tak mere saath hai

Jo na mil sakey wohi bewafa, yeh bari ajeeb si baat hai
Jo chala giya mujhe chor kar, wohi aaj tak mere saath hai

Poet: Khawaja Pervez , Singer : Noor Jehan

How to listen Ghazalradio

There are many ways to listen Ghazal Radio. Here is short guide.
1. WoldwideWeb
you can any flash based browser to listen to ghazalradio . go to and click play
2. PC/MAC/Linux
any of default media player will be able to play ghazalradio. just open an stream and enter following URL
Tested on Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC player
3. iPhone/Android
You can listen to ghazalradio on iPhone without installing any app
just open Safari on iphone and enter and enjoy live ghazalradio
On Android i would like to recommend VLC player, its free. Open VLC player and click open network stream and enter

Chat Now with online listeners

Now you can chat with online listeners on our website. Chat is only available to the visitors/listeners of the website only. User accessing our radio via apps, audio players or any other way won’t be able to chat with each other. Will add Guestbook soon.

now upto 500 users can connect to our radio

Now upto 500 users can connect to our ghazal radio to enjoy the radio. previous limit of 100 was reached few days ago and i have update to 500. I don’t know how my server would react if 500 users are connected at same time but at least now there is more space for users to enjoy ghazals.
This website and radio is adfree, purely ghazal entertainment.

to maintain quality and often disconnections i have to reduce the number of listeners. testing with 50 users now. whenever users cross 50 i see server goes offline, to avoid this limit is now 50.

Reached peak of 100 Users

Currently our user limit is 100 users who can listen our radio at the same time. And limit was reached in last few days.

We would be changing our limit from 100 to 500 users , so more and more  users can enjoy our Radio :)

Thanks for listening..

stream speed lowered

Stream rate is lowered to 64kbps from 128kbps, now would be easier for user to listen radio with low internet speed. Also would be easier for people to listen radio on the go with your phone streaming app.

Ghazal Radio work with all stream players. streaming URL is

Now you guys can send us your favourite ghazals and we would add ghazals in our radio.

you can upload your favourite ghazals at

Server moving

We have moved our server to new location, now user limit is increased to 100 users , previous was 20, and added more ghazals..yes user limit was reached to 20.
whats your favourite ghazal? tell us we would add it to our list.